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Moral Philosophy

Use text book Moral Philosophy a reader Fouth Edition by Louis P. Pojman and Peter Tramel The Allegory of the Cave pg. 114-119 and
Euthyphro pg 359-360. 3 pages, with 3-6 relevant quotes. College level

Purpose: The purpose ot this assigment is for students to think critically about the ability to know “the Good” and the relationship of authority (both divine and earthly) in a person’s ability to know the good. In doing so, students should demonstrate provisional command of the material read for this assignment.

Task: Students will Answer the questions:
Which account of one’s access to “The Good” if even possible is most convincing – Plato’s Allegory fo the Cave the position that one knows “The Good” because it is beloved by the divine (god or gods),

or The position that one knows the good because one as well as the divine (god or gods) recognized the Good in things (acts, person,
qualities) themselves? why?