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Overview of Assignment
What you will need to do in your essay:Choose a specific text as your focus that features a zombie.

Provide a clear thesis statement and develop a sustained argument (which should
be the clear and central focus for all sections of your essay).

Engage a theoretical essay on zombies from the latter part of the semester in
making your argument. You can in addition cite useful material from any of the
other essays we have looked at throughout the entire semester. (So, show that you
know what the essay is saying, and explain how it helps you make your own
argument. And keep asking yourself, Why does this matter? Why should anyone
listen to what I think a certain text is saying about zombies?).

Details of Assignment

Evidence and Engagement with course readings
Grading will be weighted heavily towards the quality of your ideas and the strength of your argument. This means we will not only be grading you on the innovative or creative reading you come up with but will also be grading you on how well you support your claim through the evidence that you provide.
Ask yourself: How does the fact that this is a movie, an image, tv episode, piece of literature, etc. influence the way the audience thinks about zombies? Obviously, a movie works differently than a piece of literature, so be clear how the particular medium leads us to certain ideas or conclusions.
Your paper should build on any of the theoretical perspectives that we have and will consider in our readings on zombies. “Building on” means that you must show that you understand the argument of one of our readings and can explain how it helps you think about zombies.


One quarter of your paper grade will come from the quality of your writing (grammar, spelling, style, etc.). Your paper should put forth the most polished and edited prose possible. The writing component will also include your adherence to MLA style (MLA citation style:
Note: If you do not cite your sources you will automatically lose all of the points for this component of your grade. This could take your grade from a high A to a C.

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