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Mixed reality report

You are expected to write a reflective report to an industry client that discusses the opportunities and limitations of virtual reality to solve a relevant problem for that organisation. The report should follow the structure below, and clearly identify the client and proposed application area for VR or AR. The discussion portion of your reflective report should draw on the readings, the lectures, and material you find yourself. The report should indicate a critical understanding of the opportunities and limitations of VR or AR, their applicability to different industry problems, and your ability to communicate that to an industry client.

With this assignment you should imagine that you have been contracted by an organisation to objectively investigate whether they should invest in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality to solve a business problem or to help them better achieve one of their business goals. Recommended Structure of your Report for your Industry Client

Part One: Introduction (~150 words)

The introduction should briefly outline the structure of the report, who the client is, what the problem/goal is, and what you recommend/conclude.

Part Two: Client Description (~200 words)

Provide a brief description of the organisation you are writing for and why VR/AR is relevant to them. This section provides background and context for your examiner.

Part Three: Problem or Goal for Business (~300 words)

Provide a description of the problem or goal for your organisation that you are discussing. You should consider providing detail here that will support your recommendation, such as what they might currently be doing, how effective this might be, how the market is changing over the next few years, or even possibly offering a critique of the organisation in some way. This section should set up the next, where you propose and discuss VR/AR.