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Misconceptions and myths surrounding demand forecasting

CO1: Identify misconceptions and myths surrounding demand forecasting

Start by listing key search terms you will use to locate two resources for this
essay. Then, search in YouTube, Google, Bing, or any other search engine for a resource that adds to your
knowledge of forecasting. Do not source “for-purchase options” such as consultancies or statistical software.
As an example, you could source a YouTube video that expands your understanding of the basics of
forecasting demand from either the demand or supply side. Provide a hyperlink for each resource in the section
of the paper that is labeled “Resource Hyperlinks.” Next, you have two sections, one for each hyperlink to
review the source in some detail. Finally, you will be Summarizing what you have found that helps you
understand forecasting. This section, is the most important. Spend some time thinking about what you have
learned and how to communicate what you learned effectively.