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mind map

mind map
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you can use word or any other software to draw the map. But note that this is not a writing assignment. You can use textboxes to create a good map in word, or use the software suggested in the instructions. Check examples of mind maps on google. It is an easy thing.
Theory, Model, Framework Assignment – Mind Map
v This aSSIQnment Is worth 50 pomts ‘ i ‘1

Purpose of Assignment ‘ ‘ ‘ § I lg V” s
This assignment is a mind map designed to stimulate your thinking i i j t
i about concepts, theories, models, frameworks and the relationships l l ll i; 1;}
among them. You are expected to choose a graphical platform for i l! § 3L;
designing the deliverable that reflects shape, color, and the relationship ‘ ” ’ “l ‘ “‘9
between concepts. ‘ ‘ ‘; ‘1?
Create a mind map that describes nursing theory, models, and , L ‘ , 3;; l 3
frameworks. ‘ , j? g 1,; ‘ igl‘flllfillgilf:
v l ~lel will millil-
One tool that you may find helpful forthls aSSIgnment ls Be H j g 3i ll EEEEEEE; 3,
sure that you convert your graph to a word document before ‘ E1: g“ EVE I; 13E ElEEiE‘E {E E
you submit it. ll ll EiElEi
E ~You may use any other type of graph that will show how the criteria i Q i! Eli; $3,; EEEEEM JEEEE ,gj‘fi
in this assignment are linked together (perhaps you want to create your E ~ 1:431: EiEEEi? a EE‘E
u n E E E E E ‘E‘E‘ EEE E. “E E5 El ‘EEE‘E‘EEE E E
own usmg the functions Within the lnsert tab on your computer.) E, EE 3533‘ E Eng EiEHEEEE E E i
All information must be presented within your graph. Written papers will ‘ “ ‘1 t‘ l lE gElf ~l ‘ , l
notbe evaluated. 7 11: i‘ii I,;;:E,E‘..E;i;ji;;ElE l ; l L
Distinguish the characteristics ofthe following: 1‘5 :‘ l? i E’E; El ‘ i l
l». E l EE EE E EEEV
Identify characteristics of nursing theories, models and frameworks. Q E ijE E E
Identify and explain the influence and outcomes that theory, models ‘ EE E E 1
and frameworks have had on the nursing profession. EE f’ E Eli
Provide an example oftheory, model and framework in nursing-7- “l ‘ Ij’?‘
practice E
Connect concept are visually through use of a mind map or other
type of graph. . E , E
Note – To provide evidence-based examples oftheory, models and E i E ‘v
framework’s application in nursing practice you need to identify ‘ E
evidence from the literature or lnternetthat reflects how theories, E E . E
models and frameworks have been applied to research or practice. ‘ E EE E
Concepts must be connected visually through use of a mind map. ‘ g 7 E.
‘fi‘llfiiyi 3
s. » ~ w l Ea;
Use a minimum of4 scholarly references to support your content and v7 y i :E’ ; E E 3E E EEE EEin‘,
cite them within the body ofthe mind map. E E i REE EE;.i:EEE.
in b i Vii lilir‘ixsi” i i
ii i y 0;:l i iiiii’n» c
Format the assignment consistentwith APA guidelines (Title and E ‘ E ElE EEEE EEEEEE’EE 31 E
reference page). :W zi~E:;~ Eiii’EE’EEmi
Your mind map must be submitted as a word document.

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