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MGMT221 Module 1.4 Competitive Advantage Case Study Assignment Latest 2017 April

MGMT221 Module 1.4 Competitive Advantage Case Study Assignment Latest 2017 AprilCase Study Deliverable

Access the Case Studies Overview and Requirements page for detailed instructions and APA Style requirements for Case Study assignments.

Conduct in-depth research on the topic using, at least, two primary sources, outside of the course textbook, as references. Compose your Case Study assignment
deliverable as a scholarly paper. Use Microsoft Word® to compose your data and include a Title Page, Header, in-text citations (as appropriate), and a Reference Table.
The body of the paper should be two-three pages of double-spaced text in length.

Use APA Style to cite and reference any data “borrowed” from sources. Your composition needs to be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. Use terminology
from the reference sources and your textbook. Unless you are a subject matter expert on the topic, based on your degrees, certifications or “on the job training,” do
not submit data obtained only from personal experience. Your document submission is due by the end of Module 1. Your submission data will be checked through Turnitin,
a service that checks your work for potential plagiarism.

Case Study

Businesses are always striving to “win,” as the course textbook points out in Chapter 1. One highly competitive marketplace is that of the commercial airline industry.

Written Assignment: Choose a Part 121 air carrier (such as American, Delta, Southwest, etc.) and provide data that shows how that enterprise has successfully employed
competitive advantage obtained through the utilization of information technology to win and keep loyal customers or operate more efficiently in the reservations,
maintenance, or operations departments. You may provide a historical example that would be found going back several decades. Learning from the past is a great way to
succeed in the future.

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