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Mezzotint by David Claypoole Johnston

This is a copy of a mezzotint by David Claypoole Johnston, based on artwork attributed to Philip Dawe that was published in Britain by Robert Sayer and John Bennett. It was gathered as part of the George Washington Bicentennial Commission in 1931-1932. The Commission’s purpose was to celebrate the birth and accomplishments of Washington, and to collect, preserve, and publish writings, artworks, and photographs pertinent to his life and times.

Answer the following questions. .

Write down descriptive words or phrases that come to mind when you see this picture.

Imagine this picture appeared in a London newspaper. How would this look to a British citizen living in London?

You are the man on the left with the tea kettle. What are you doing and why?

What is the significance of a noose next to the term “Liberty Tree”
Do you think that this image was created by a loyalist or a patriot? Cite specific evidence in your explanation.