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Mental Health Counsellor

Scope of Practice: Define the scope of practice of the professional (i.e., provide a 2-3 sentence description of what this professional does).
Education & Training: Describe the education required for the profession (i.e., college degrees required, majors). What knowledge, skills, and abilities does this professional need to possess? Identify at least one college or university that offers the required educational degree or training programs for that profession, as well as the basic application requirements for that program. Describe additional required training (e.g., clinical internships, postdoctoral fellowships, residency, supervised practice) required for this specialty.
Licensure: Describe the type of license the professional would need to hold in Mississippi AND one other state of your choice. What is required to obtain this license (i.e., education, training, examinations, etc.)?
Work Settings: Describe the type of work settings for these professionals (e.g., hospital, mental health clinic, school, university counseling center). Identify an example of at least one agency in which such a professional would be employed (e.g., Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources; Mississippi State Hospital).
Work Activities/Job Posting: Provide a summary of the type of work activities and tasks in which this professional engages. Include a summary of a current job posting/description located online in at least one of the settings described above (include the agency name, position title, job requirements, duties, and other available information).
Professional Organization: Identify a major national professional organization to which this professional is likely to belong (e.g., American Psychological Association). List out the requirements for membership in that organization.
Comparison: Compare and contrast how this profession differs from the other related professions (e.g., how does a psychologist differ from a school counselor or psychiatrist)