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The retail organisation at which you work has called a departmental meeting to discuss arrangements for a Fashion Show to showcase its collection for the coming season. The event will involve inviting members of the public to view next season’s fashion collection. You have been appointed secretary for the meeting.

1. Explain the plans that you put in place in advance of the meeting. Support your plans with illustrations as appropriate. (3 marks)
2. Having attended the meeting, please submit the following documents:
o Notice of the meeting (1mark)
o Agenda of the meeting (1 mark)
o Minutes of the Meeting (5 marks)
(All documents should be formally presented, with particular attention paid to layout, spelling and punctuation. Note: You can be as creative as you wish with regards to names of attendees, agenda items, matters discussed at the meeting etc., decisions/action plans arising out of the meeting etc., so long as you effectively demonstrate knowledge of facilitating a meeting from arrangement through to completion).

Part 2

Sources of Finance

You have decided to set up your own business. Write a paragraph outlining the business name, its location, the type of products and/or services it offers, why you have decided on this particular business and who your customer base will be (1 mark)

List and give explanations of 3 sources of finance available to businesses for each of the following: The short-term (up to 1 year), medium-term (1 to 5 years) and long-term (greater than 5 years) ( 3 marks)

In order to start your business you decide to seek a loan from your bank. Your bank manager has asked for a detailed monthly cash flow forecast for your first 6 months in business. The cash flow statement should be accurate and reflective of the inflows and outflows you would expect to encounter.
(2 marks)

The statement should be supported by a written explanation of its content. The written statement (approximately 1 page) should clearly outline how you arrived at the figures for your inflows and outflows based on the nature of the business you’ve decided to set up. (4 marks)

Business Documentation

Using your company name in the template of the document, provide a graphical representation of each of the business documents:

Sales Invoice (2 marks)
Credit Note (2 marks)
Debit Note (1 mark)
Your graphical representation should be accompanied by a short written piece outlining the purpose of each one.

You may use online or other sources to assist in learning how each of the above documents should be graphically represented. However, you must draw up your own document. No marks will be awarded for documents taken directly from other sources.

Marks are awarded throughout the assignment for relevant information being correctly collected and presented (5 marks)

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