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Medical cannabis use on children

The debate on legalization of marijuana has been a controversial one over time. Health organizations have argued that the addicts stand a chance of suffering from heart and lung diseases, which is so dangerous to their health. However, Johnstown M­ (2013) deduced that marijuana users have the most awesome lifestyle, as they are free from diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure. This paper therefore contextually justifies that legalization of marijuana will bring many advantages just as evident in countries that have partially done this.

Marijuana has served as a painkiller for cancer patients. As much as there are arguments that marijuana causes problems to the heart and lungs, Kevin Hill, (2016) found that marijuana could be used to treat chronic and neuropathic pains. He also found that it could alleviate nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. Its legalization will therefore ensure it is available for patients with these disorders at their convenient.

Legalization of marijuana would enhance public relations amongst people. While Michael (2017) argued that marijuana addicts were unable to make rational judgments on social issues, Margaret Mill (2018) found out that the addicts had better public relations and more social. He also added that the addicts were determined to achieve a common goal in unity. It is therefore crystal clear that its legalization will enhance unity among people and result in beneficial relations.

Marijuana legalization would reduce insecurity. John Mark (2014) found that marijuana legalization would reduce criminal justice involvements since people will have freedom to use it. He stated many addicts used the drug for recreational purposes, but got involved in offences due to the fear of arrest. It is therefore evident that the legalization will just enhance security.

Marijuana could be source of income. Doan Patrick (2008) found out that legalization of marijuana would result in misconduct of the addicts, as many people will venture into the business and marijuana will be available everywhere. However, Getty J (2013) deduced that it would be a source of income to many people, as the business will be legal. This would otherwise increase the living standards of the people. In this way, many people will therefore benefit from its legalization.