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Media Role

Find an
issue or topic in your textbook that interests or puzzles you about media role
or effect in the US, then, frame the topic as a research question, which must
be stated as the title of your paper at the beginning of the proposal.

To get
started, you may want to review the “Media Literacy and the Critical Process”
boxes in every chapter of your textbook for inspiration and guidance.

In the
proposal, start with an introduction to the topic for an intelligent but
uninitiated reader who is not as familiar with the topic as you are. Secondly, present
the rationale for the study of this topic (you may wish to study the topic in
your text to help strengthen your reasoning).

Thirdly, for
the method of study, provide a minimum of 10 sources you will need to understand,
and interpret the topic to your instructor or readers in annotated bibliography
format (see annotated bibliography format attached). Note:
The sources must come from peer-reviewed academic journals, housed in a
discipline-appropriate database.

provide the conclusion to your proposal under a separate heading, which should
be like an executive summary of all the sources in your methods section, kind
of. Be sure to have appropriate headings in this proposal paper, in addition to
a title, framed as a question.