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Media analysis

Media Analysis is on the movie Mi Familia/ My Family. You can find this movie on YouTube.
Examine the production of the text (approximately 250 words)
Who is the intended audience? What platforms is the text accessible in? (Where did you find it?) What languages are spoken? What is the format of the text? (Is it a short film, a TV series, a movie, etc.)
Discuss the representation of Latinidad in the text (approximately 250 words)
How is Latinidad presented? What communities are portrayed? Does the text present any stereotypes?
Social Semiotics (approximately 250 words)
Select 1-2 signs and discuss the meaning of those signs
This includes metaphors and archetypes
Power (approximately 250 words)
Who is silenced by the text? When closely examining your texts, think about who is absent in the text? This means more than just looking at what is said and shown. Look at what is not shown.
What do silences say tell us about gender, race, citizenship, language, politics? What is presumed true?