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McDonald product line description

McDonald’s  Product Line description

This paper is an analysis of the Product Line adopted by McDonald in their provision of fast foods. An analysis of the product width, depth and length is provided. Also, the analysis focuses on the review of the company’s product consistency. The approach that the company should consider in defining its product mix is also provided.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 350 words:

Consider the product line offered by your local McDonald’s franchise. Discuss examples of product width, length, depth and consistency offered by this company and what the company may consider in defining its product mix. (175 words)

What is the most important thing to consider in new product development? Why? (175 words)

McDonald’s Case

McDonald Company is one of the fast-food restaurants that had registered continuous higher performance in the industry. The organization offers quality fast foods to consumers in various parts of the US that have resulted in its enhanced performance over the years. McDonald’s has continually reported a higher level of performance in the fast-food industry since its inception in the year 1955. The company is considered the largest fast-food retail organization eminent from its cleanliness and hygienic process in the production of fast foods (Smith, 2005). The growth and expansion of McDonald’s in the global market have also been signed with the organization opening about 3200 restaurants in 117 countries. Further, the franchise strategy implemented by the company has not only enhanced its access to various markets but has also led to the overall increased performance and growth of the organization (Mujtaba & Patel, 2007).

Product Line 

McDonald’s mostly focuses on the provision of fast foods to various consumers worldwide. The company deals with the provision of a wide range of products ranging from different kinds of beverages, fries, and other fast foods. The companies product lines consist of Salads, Chicken and fish, Beverages, Shakes and sides, desserts,, McCafe and breakfast. Among the 4Ps, of the company products is the fundamental determinant of McDonald’s corporate image and brand. The company is primarily known for its burgers. This paper is an analysis of the burger product line of the company.

Burger product line depth 

The burger product line has a depth of nine. The product line consists of 9 different products. These nine products include big mac, Angus, hamburger, fish, Mcribs, Grilled chicken, crispy chicken. McDonald’s features a large number of products on their menu that are either permanent or do not change. After the first development of the products, the items remain on the menu for an extended period without subjecting them to any significant changes. The adoption of such an approach is effective in ensuring that there are always different foods from the product line. Burgers are the major product line of McDonald’s and contribute effectively towards its revenue and overall profitability.

Apart from the permanent products, the burger product line also has some temporary products that are offered on various seasons. Such products are offered and availed to customers to give them a specific feeling with the new product.