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Mathematics: Addition and Subtraction

The lesson involves adding and subtracting whole numbers up to billions. Furthermore, the exercise requires the addition and subtraction of whole numbers and eventually recording the answer in words. Students must be able to fill the missing digits and to choose the numbers with a particular sum or difference.


CCSS. MATH.CONTENT.5.OA.B.1: Add and subtract whole numbers up to billions. For example: 20 – 10= 10 is known, 30-20= 10 is also known. 1,000,000,000 – 100,000= 999,900,000. The process illustrates how students can effectively subtract figures. The same figures can be got through addition. For example 10+10= 20, 20+10= 30, and 999,900,000+100,000= 1,000,000,000.
CCSS. MATH.CONTENT.5.0A.B.2: Add and subtract whole numbers then record them in words. For example 1000-400= 600. The answer to the question is six hundred in words. The second example illustrates the addition concept. For example: 20,000+10,000=30,000. The answer is worded thirty thousand.
CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.OA.B.3: Completing the addition and subtraction sentences. For example; what is the answer when you subtract ten thousand from fifty thousand. The answer is forty thousand. Example when adding; what is the value of adding one hundred thousand to sixty thousand? The answer is one hundred and sixty thousand.
CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.OA.B.4: Filling the missing digits. For example, 600 – 450= 15_. The answer to the question should be able to complete the sum. The second example, 450+15_=600. The student should fill the gap to get the result.

Children Friendly Internet Sources

The website looks colorful to attract students and makes using the website warm and appealing. Furthermore, the website is user friendly for pupils, teachers, and parents. The site further outlines all the required topics in the fifth grade Mathematics. It also highlights all the required subtopics in each subject. This enables the students to revise alone without the guidance of the teachers. Furthermore, it assists the parents to know what to teach their children. Therefore, the website can be used by both the students and parents without the teacher’s supervision because everything is self-explanatory.

The site has 201 complete lessons designed for 5th graders. According to the site the lessons are developed by the teachers who understand the requirements of the syllabus. It is perfectly designed for fifth graders because it has cartoons and images. The images for each topic are also correctly displayed, thus attractive to the children.

The website has sound effects when the lessons are popping up, and the sound of a lady is heard welcoming the visitors to the site. The layout of the website is perfect for children because the cartoons and the images represents what the pupils can relate to and love watching (Meichenbaum & Biemiller, 2017). Therefore, it makes learning easy for the children. Parents are required to log in to the account, after registering a membership fee is charged for them to effectively enjoy all the lessons that the website offers to the students. Additionally, it is a one-stop shop for all the Mathematics lessons in different spheres or grades. Therefore, the website is perfect for teachers and parents because it can assist them to teach students.

The site requires students to log in to access all the lessons offered. The outlook of the site is perfect for children because it is accompanied by cartoons and a great font that pupils can easily relate to. The website is friendly for parents and it also provides them with an opportunity to sign up for free. Fifth graders will enjoy using the site because it has personalized learning materials for children (Artzt et al. 2015). The children get fun rewards for providing correct answers to the questions. The site further has an app where weekly reports and emails are sent to the parents. Consequently, the students can monitor the progress of their children through the iPhone app.

Unpacking the Standards

• The lessons assist the children in building a foundation in Mathematics. The addition and subtraction supports the children to learn critical concepts in Mathematics.
• The writing in word enables children to understand the lessons better and to calculate, and spell out their answers effectively.
• Filling in the missing numbers is essential in learning because it assists students to think critically and to understand the required concepts.

Prerequisite Activities

The students should be able to know how to read and write to enable them write the answers in words. Additionally, the lessons requires the students to be able to count count from one to one billion or understand how a billion is written.

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