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Master of Leadership in Health Professions Education

Word count (max 1,500 words)
First: Draft project title
Second: Content, which includes the following:
1. Organization Description
Provide a brief description of the organization (keep it anonymous) that can explain the context of the change you propose.
2. Proposed Change
Describe the change you plan to implement in your organization.
3. Change Model
Outline which model of change (It should be either Senior & Swailes model or the HSE model) you are going to use and the reason for your choice. You can explain about the other models in brief.
4. Aim and objectives
Write the project aim and provide 2-3 (S-M-A-R-T) objectives 2
5. Rationale
Justify why change is needed and outline the evidence for it. Include 5-7 references from the literature on the topic.
6. Impact of the change
Discuss the organizational impact you hope to have the change will have.
7. Potential Threats
Discuss potential threats and obstacles to the change being implemented
8. Ethical Consideration
Consider the ethical implications and approvals needed for the project
9. Evaluation
Outline your proposed method/s of evaluating the change. What/how will you gather the data (provide draft data collections method/s and tool/s), what analysis you will conduct? How will you demonstrate that you have achieved the objectives (evaluation model you will choose, and the reasons for choosing it, how are you going to use it)?

10. Role in the organization
Describe your role in the organization and your role in this change project, e.g., how much authority do you have to introduce the change, what are you/others responsible for?
11. Time Frame