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Marketing survey

In this survey, people from all demographics are encouraged to participate, however it is aimed at a premium market with household income around $60k/year, Aged 25 – 65, mostly men since men buy more Cars compared to women at a 5 :1 ratio.
Based on these requirements the best area will be New York city. Here we will be able to hit all the test market key points. We might also focus on women as well due to the product being catered towards families with children of all ages. The primary purpose of this survey, is to gage the consumers views on what they think about this product idea and if it appeals to them or not. Ford products are known for their moderate-priced products in the auto industries today. So for example, assuming this vehicle will be cost friendly, how likely would would it be for them to purchase this product. Or how effective do they think this vehicle will be on the road. This survey will help gauge people’s opinions and behaviors which will help make important decisions about this product.