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Marketing plan

In Assignment 2, you, with others in your group, developed a situation analysis for a selected company culminating in a SWOT analysis. This is the current situation that the company is in from a marketing perspective. Assignment 2 also developed an established segmentation profile for each segment that might be targeted. On the basis of that analysis and the situation the company is therefore in and the established segmentation profile, you are required to individually reflect on how you would conclude that plan relative to selected key issues from the SWOT by analysing it, on the basis of marketing objectives for that setting, deciding on which markets to target based on the segmentation analysis conducted as part of the external analysis, on how to position the product/company and outlining an overall approach to an appropriate marketing mix. You need to illustrate the links between the various elements of the marketing plan during this reflection. You must incorporate academic literature to support/justify your discussion. Unsubstantiated statements will not provide credibility to your discussion.

Introduction: Marketing issues identified in assignment1 -Weighting: 5%
• Based on the current situation of the company that you analysed in Assignment 1, select and prioritise the issues that the company should address in its new 12-month term marketing plan.

Marketing Objectives -Weighting: 20%
• Based on the selected issues regarding the current situation of the company you have analysed in Assignment 1, describe how this marketing plan will strategically fit with the organisations overall business plan. Is there a SBU that the report will focus on.
• Clearly state up to three objectives for the forthcoming 12 months using S.M.A.R.T goal setting criteria. Explain how these goals link to the identified issues.

Segmentation, Target Market(s) and Positioning-Weighting: 20%
• State and justify which segment(s) you intend to target and how will you position the product/service for the target market(s)?
o Outline the segmentation bases that are most feasible to segment the market with homogenous consumer behaviour influences, needs, wants, and demands.
o Develop a target market profile, and determine the type of target marketing strategy to be employed.
o Determine the positioning strategy, and using a spider graph or positioning map, outline how the SBU will sit in consumers mind compared with their closest competitors

Appropriate Marketing Mix -Weighting: 40%
• On the basis of your knowledge to this point of the marketing mix elements, reflect on the overall approach to the marketing mix.
• Outline the elements and tools that would be best used and the links and/or independence between the marketing mix elements in your plan.
o Ensure you apply appropriate marketing concepts and frameworks to demonstrate the development of each P’s strategy.
o Develop a basic budget and Gantt chart to show the operational tasks of how and when the strategies/tasks will be implemented (these can be included in the Appendix).
o Attempts should be made to provide KPI’s to monitor the performance of each marketing mix elements.

Conclusion – Role of the Marketing PlanWeighting: 10%
• Clear discussion of how you see your marketing plan will assist the company.
• How should it be used both tactically and strategically by the company?

Report Format – Weighting: 5%
• Suitable and formal report structure, including headings and subheadings
• Format (12pt font, 1.5 spacing, and 2.5cm margin)
• In text citations and reference list (APA Style)

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