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Marketing Plan – Strategic Marketing Course

In an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace, brands cannot easily afford
to stand still (see the articles below). Taking any product or service of your choice, that
you believe could benefit from a new product development/brand extension/innovation
opportunity. Prepare a marketing plan which comprehensively covers all aspects
detailed below.
You will need to develop a full marketing plan covering all aspects detailed below, including both appropriate (referenced) marketing theory as well as practical application. It should be structured as follows:
1) Front cover
2) Executive Summary (summarising the main findings of the report).
3) Contents page
4) An introduction, including an overview of the value of strategic marketing planning to the organisation in aiding the achievement of competitive advantage.
5) A critical analysis and evaluation of the PESTLE factors affecting your market and proposal (including any country-specific issues – going beyond the material presented in the case) which demonstrates your ability to prioritise key factors. Additionally, you must also consider any specific issues pertaining to the industry via an assessment of Porter’s Five Forces, ensuring that your recommendations going forward reflect the findings of this section.
6) An appraisal of the internal competencies of the firm in relation to the proposed developmental theme.
7) Marketing objectives (using the SMART format).
8) Marketing plan (strategy and tactical details). To include: segmentation, targeting and positioning analysis and marketing mix development and analysis.
9) An outline promotional plan and marketing budget for the promotional launch of the concept (schedule, timings – Drip/Burst campaign, spend on different promotional tools including social media – Paid, Owned, Earned Media).
10) A clear explanation of how you would monitor, measure and adapt the marketing plan using identifiable key metrics as you progressed through execution.

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