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Marketing Plan for Sunrise Clothing Incorporated

Marketing Plan for Sunrise Clothing Incorporated

This marketing plan is a designed document that shows concise, cohesive, information about Sunrise clothing company. It presents brief marketing objectives for the company’s managers, lending institutions, and other individuals who are involved in carrying out the activities in this firm (Cohen, 2006).

Seven-year marketing plan for Sunrise Inc.


        The initiators or founders, so as to secure additional funds for the development and to inform employees of the status of the company, have created this seven-year marketing plan for Sunrise Company. Although Sunrise Inc. was launched one year ago, the company has been experiencing greater demand of its products. This greater demand was unexpected. The research has also indicated that the target market of sport-minded consumers and some retailers of sports attire they would purchase that from sunrise .They further want to extend the product line, additionally, add new product line. Moreover, Sunrise Company wants to explore opportunities for online sales. The marketing atmosphere has been very receptive to the company high quality goods. This is because Sunrise Inc. offers products such as casual clothing with trendy colors, with logos and slogans that reflects the interests of the customers. In the next seven years, sunrise will increase its distribution, offer new products, and win new customers.

Company description

            Mark Twin and Esterinna Carols established Sunrise Company. The two worked in Sunrise Inc. for about one year. The two partners have been good friends since high school. They decided to develop marketing a line of clothing with  a versatile and homogenous liking to the outdoor enthusiasts. Sunrise Inc. reflects Mark and Carol’s passion for outdoors.

            The company originally produced cotton-T shirts, basketball caps, flees jackets and bear logos of different kind of sports. This sports include, biking, horse riding, mountain climbing among others. However, the firm’s slogan is included in each and every product. The slogan is “outdoors pal.” Sunrise limited sells clothes to both genders. These clothes have admirable colors and very cool names. The colors include sunrise pink, sunset red, twilight purple, river rock grey, ocean blue, and mountain top white among others.

           The attires of Sunrise Inc. are currently present in retail stores that specialized in outdoor attires. Most of these stores are located Northern England, California, with a few of the stores in the south  state among others. The high trendy, unique color and unique massage of the clothes have enabled Sunrise Inc. be famous. Most of the individuals who like the attires are between ages 20-50.sales have been doubling since late last year ,that is in the month of December. As a result of incremental sales, sunrise has decided to introduce new products, expands its distribution, enter into new markets and initiate CSR programme so as to give back to the society.

Sunrise Mission and Goals

            The mission of Sunrise Inc. is entailed on a vision of being the best producer and marketer of personalized, casual clothing for consumers who like outdoor clothing. Sunrise Inc. wants to give moral and inspire individual to get outdoor often. This will enable people enjoy with their family and friends while being outdoors and get to learn and understand more about each other especially when in camping trips. To add to that, sunrise has designed some environmental programmes to enable individuals to preserve their environmental (Cohen, 2006).

During the seven-year period, Sunrise expects to have a gain in the financial and non-financial set of goal

                                               Financial goals

  • Obtain investment   to enlarge manufacturing activities, increase distribution, and introduce three brand new products.
  • Expand added revenue by a fraction of at least 50% p.a.
  • To be charitable and hence donating  $2600 to conservation institution

                                               Nonfinancial goals

  • Introduction of two brand new sets such as  logo brand clothing’s and lightweight luggage
  • Expedition on a new and international market
  • Develop a nice internet marketing platform while retaining their customers
  • Develop its conservative   program whose main objective is to assist communities to purchase their own open space.

Core competences

                Sunrise has sought to utilize its core competences in order to achieve a long lasting competitive advantage in which the competitors cannot be able to provide value customers like Sunrise Inc. In the first place, Sunrise has already developed its core competencies, which include offering high quality branded products whose image is recognizable among consumers, Secondly; it creates a sense of communal love among consumers who buy the products. Thirdly, it develops a good name or reputation among retailers as a reliable manufacturer by delivering the required amount of products in time. The company intends to build on these competences through marketing efforts that increase the number of products they offer and increase their distribution channels too.

             Sunrise has formed strong relationships with its consumers, suppliers, retailers among others. Thus, the company believes that it can create a strong competitive advantage over others. One of the companies that exist can say other consumers their famous slogan of outdoors pal.

Company Situation Analysis

                  The marketing environment presented to sunrise limited has varied opportunities that can be pursued. The environment also consists of a number of challenges that the company can easily handle. The company can tackle the challenges using SWOT analysis (McDonald, 2007). The SWOT analysis represents a thumbnail of sunrise-limited position in the market environment. In about a year, Sunrise Inc. has been able to build impressive strengths. At the same time, it looks forward to varied opportunities. The strengths include dedicated and royal customers, sound and well-functioning management and high level of growth. On the other hand, the company knows that if it enters into new markets, it will have to guard itself against not knowing the scope and quality slippages of the business . Since the firm is in the process of finalizing the plans for establishing new products and internet sales expansion the management of the firm will also have to protect themselves against competitors who try to imitate and duplicate their products. Therefore, building strong relationships with customers, retailers, and retailers will help them counter the stiff competition.

Competitors in the outdoor market

              Sunrise Company sells goods worth 6 billion annually. These goods offered by the company range from clothing to equipment among others. The outdoor business has so many entries, just to mention a few, L.L Bean and the Bass Pro and Patagonia shops among others are among top companies that offer these attires. Others Tick Tock Company, which offers athletic clothes for women, and Rugged Mountain clothing, which mostly sells clothes for those individuals who like hiking. These companies thus offer a big completion to sunrise limited. However, if we examine the industry keenly; we find that sunrise limited has a better competitive advantage. In the first place, consumers of sunrise products like to engage in outdoor activities that are located near their homes. Secondly, consumers of these products are looking for a suitable was to enjoy with both their friends and family in an economical way (McDonald, 2007). Thirdly, the economic conditions are favorable, thus consumers are willing to spend more in investing in the products that sunrise will be offering.

          Although I have mentioned some companies, which are top competitors of Sunrise Inc, none of the above listed company bits Sunrises Inc. in terms of products they offer. This is because, sunrise offers and will offer quality products, which are practical, trendy and they have logos that identifies with sunrise in the near future, hence making the firm popular among consumers. Additionally, most of the competitors offer performance apparel with the most advanced manufactured fabrics. Thus, sunrise offers the highest quality of items since they consist of fleece vests and jackets. The cotton that they use is also of high quality compared to other companies. Thus the cotton clothes can be put on when on a hike or around town. In addition, the attires or products that Sunrise Company offers are cheap as they consist of moderate prices that are easily affordable by customers. For example, the T-shirts offered by Sunrise Inc. goes for $12,while other companies T-shirt goes for $24.Therefore,customers can easily buy new clothes from sunrise each and every time that they feel like since the products are actually affordable.

            A research which was conducted revealed that individuals like to replace their existing attires from season to season so as to go with the existing trend, so they are likely to be attracted to the products offered by sunrise since they are cheap thus affordable. In addition, due to their socially sensitive programmes that shows their initiative towards the society, sunrise will continue to grab new customer and boost their popularity.

The target market

              The target market for sunrise limited is between ages 20-50 years. These individuals like to hike, ride, horses and bicycle, surf, figure skate and in – line skate among other activities. It is not required one to be an expert in such a sport, so long as they like playing outdoors are what matters. These kinds of consumers consist of single, married and those with families in terms of demography. The incomes of such individuals range from $50000 -12000 annually. In spite of their    handsome amount of income, these individuals still value quality and are conscious about the prices attached to the products (McDonald, 2007).   Despite of their ages, these people like being outdoors engaging themselves in those sporting activities, as they are healthy. They are somehow status oriented, thus they like to be linked with a high quality product, but they are price sensitive. Currently, the consumers of the sunrise products dwell in California, New England, and south. However, the company is planning to target individual who are located in Mid-Atlantic States.

The Marketing Mix

The following are details of the proposed marketing mix for sunrise limited

Product Strategy

             Sunrise currently offers high quality products including cotton T-shirts, basketball caps, fleece jackets, and fleece vest. All these products have the slogan and logos of these companies. The firm has also surveyed most popular colors from the customers and has given its products hot names such as sunrise pink, cactus green, and desert rise among others. In the next seven years, Sunrise is planning to extend its product line to include customized clothing. Thus, customers may choose a logo that stands for their sport and then they can add a logo that represents their sport. Therefore, they will start with twelve logos and seven new slogans others will be added later. Later some slogans will be retired so that they introduce other slogans and strategies. This will enable the slogan and logs remain fresh thus not leading to dilution of the existing completion. Secondly, Sunrise is planning to extend its product line by offering items of lightweight luggage, which include two sizes of tort bags and a day package among others. These kinds of trends will come in terms of trendy colors and with a varied choice of logos and slogans. Additionally, each and every product will have the logo of Sunrise Company.

Distribution Strategy

                 Currently, the company is marketing its products in regions with local specialty shops, which are scattered along California, New England, and South. So far, the company has not been engaging in distributing sporting clothes nationally. Climate and season has an influence on the sales by the company. Thus, the company is able to sell more jackets and fleece vests during the cold seasons and many T-shirts during the hot season.

               In the impending 4 years, the firm will expand its distribution nationwide in the specialty retail shops. They will focus on mid-west and the Atlantic region mostly. Additionally, the company will launch an internet whereby it will be able to conduct its sales online. This will enable distinguish between internet offering and specialty shipping. The firm will also place internet kiosks in the most profitable retail shops. These will enable consumers to order customized products from these stores whenever they want. Despite of the distribution means that Sunrise uses, it still wants to maintain the loyalty of its customers.

Promotional Strategy

             Sunrise gives knowledge to its customers about its products in varied ways, the information is found in the internet, by mail and face to face (Cohen, 2006). The company wants to increase the distribution of its products via promotional efforts; it also needs to differentiate its items from that of the competitors. The company currently relies on personal contact so as to promote its products. The contacts whether in person or any other means helps to convey the message to the consumers of the products. This enables the established relations with customers to be maintained as the personal contact transmits good information about the features of the items and the company image. As the demand increase, the company wants to increase its personnel sport as to meet demand that is constantly growing. The company has also put in place programs that enable free distribution of water, skiers, and discount coupons among others.

Pricing Strategy

                   Sunrise has priced its products with competition in mind. The company does not want to put high prices so as to signal status or class. Value practicing is practiced so as to ensure they maintain their competition this will enable customer continue to purchase their products and not discourage them. The new customized products will thus be sold for about $2 and $4.

Budget, Schedule, and Monitoring

               Sunrise has continuously experienced incremental sales over the one year. The budget is composed of projected sales for the next three years, the budget for a new product line and overall plan for the business. The company expects continuous operations into the future. It is also planning to remain in the market and never ever to exit. Currently, the firm does not intend to merge with another firm or initiate a public offering.

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