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Marketing Dissertation:A critical analysis on hunger marketing used by Xiaomi (China)

A critical analysis on hunger marketing used by Xiaomi (China)

Xiaomi Company (China) was formally established in April 2010, it is a focus on research and development of high-end smart phone mobile device manufacturers and Internet agencies.

Since the hot sale Xiaomi phone, prompting people to think about what is driving its success. In this proposal, hunger successful marketing techniques of Xiaomi phone is as the carrier, through the analysis of hunger marketing. Xiaomi phone, introduced the implementation of the marketing conditions of hunger is, finally, a reference and inspiration for other companies. (Flannery, R 2015)


Xiaomi launched its first generation smart phone which also available to be purchased online on 18th December, 2011. Three hundred thousand phones in total was sold out in 5 minutes. On 12th August, 2013, Xiaomi had made a record of selling a hundred thousand smart phone in 10 seconds. Because of the great success Xiaomi keep using the hunger marketing launching its latest products in a very limited quantity and affordable price. But consumers give negative comment on this and some loyal fans of Xiaomi start to become haters. This proposal aims to analyse the positive and negative effect of hunger marketing used by Xiaomi Company.

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