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Explore a careers that are related to medical anatomy and physiology. Specifically careers that you are interested in pursuing. Examples: Physical Therapist, OBGYN, RN. Athletic Trainer, etc… The career has to be related to humans. not to animals!!! No Veterinarians!!!
What to explore?
• Education related to the career. • Skills required. • Workplace, where this career works, example: hospital, clinic etc… • Who they work with. • Daily work load, what they do. who they work with. • Salary. • Job outlook. • Be creative, these are all examples, find out as much as you can about this career.
What to do?
• Write a 3 page paper on each career. This means 3 pages, not 2 ‘A. • Typed. • Double spaced. • Include a works cited page at the end. this is NOT included in the 3 pages. Use proper grammar”” And punctuation! You will be writing papers in college, get use to it! If you have already done career paper you may NOT use the previous one, choose another career!