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managing in the sport or events industry

managing in the sport or events industry
this is a proposal about management in the sport or events industry. please read through all materials carefully.please give me a specific topic about this proposal.


Develop a research proposal on a suitable topic related to managing in the sport or events industry, presented in the form of a report with a word limit of 2,000 words (+/- 10%)

The structure/content of the proposal should be as follows:
?Introduction – describe the problem, issue(s), context of the study, introduce the key concepts of the study and some indication of why the study needs to be done (rationale)
?Research question (proposed)
?Aims & Objectives – specify the aim(s) and objectives relevant to your proposed research
?Literature – key literature that will be important to your study, previous studies that have examined some aspect of the topic that are important to understand what you intend to investigate, identifying the gap in literature
?Methods – specific indication of how you will conduct the study, sample, data collection and analysis techniques
?Impact/significance or implications to management – expected outcomes? Implications this study could have, who benefits from the results?
1.Your analysis is to be presented in report format of approximately 2,000 words in length excluding appendices and should contain clearly defined sections.
2.The report must be in word format.
3.The report is worth 100% of the overall module mark.

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