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Managing Diversity

These instructions must be read in conjunction with the Unit Outline. Cheating and plagiarism is considered academic misconduct and will not be tolerated at WAI. Refer to ‘Cheating, Plagiarism and Collusion’ statement in the current ‘Student A to Z Guide’. Student is required to research many and varied sources to compile a collection of evidence required to undertake this assessment. This includes and is not limited to the following:  Written documentation – report;  Current newsworthy articles related to Diversity;  Interviews. Understanding Diversity is a vital part of a Manager’s responsibility. It is the manager’s role to acknowledge, recognise and embrace diversity in the workplace, foster diversity within the work team, promote the benefits of diversity and model good workplace practices. Part A Please research the following and provide responses to assist in understanding your role as a ‘Diverse Manager’: 1. In your own words, define Diversity. 2. Review the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and summarise the objective of the Act. 3. Further define the legislation and write a brief summary of the following: a. Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986; b. Racial Discrimination Act 1975; c. Disability Discrimination Act 1992; d. Sex Discrimination Act 1984; e. Age Discrimination Act 2004; f. Brodie’s Law. 4. Managing Staff – using this knowledge how could this assist a manager in the following areas: a. Recruit and select staff to reflect the needs of the business (refer to best practice guidelines for recruitment and selection); b. Strategies to recruit a diverse team; c. Strategies to effectively lead a diverse workplace; d. Effective strategies to manage tensions within the work team; e. To initiate and encourage open communication; f. Create an inclusive and respectful work culture; F:\2019 Sem 1 Manage Workplace Diversity Diversity\2019 Manage Workplace Diversity BSBDIV501\Assessments 1 and 2 NON GRADED STAGE 1\Diversity Assessment 1 NON GRADED\WAI – Assessment 1Student Handout.docx 2 of 7 1 February 2019 g. What provisions for special consideration/adjustments on the basis of carer/parental responsibilities, religious needs, study leave or any other needs you identify when developing a roster? h. Identify and implement training and coaching where needed to manage diversity within the work team? i. Define the outcomes of a ‘positive role model’ when managing a diverse team. 5. Customer Needs – how could this knowledge assist in determining the needs and expectations of customers in areas of: a. Cross –Cultural communication; b. Communication protocols; c. Cultural requirements; d. Eating Habits e. Dietary requirements; f. Provisions to access premises; g. Modifications to facilitate special needs; 6. Business Needs – what insightful ideas can come from your diverse staff in relation to: a. Enhancing products and Service; b. Menu planning; c. Gaining insight in order to attract and cater to cultural celebrations. 7. Diversity as a Marketing Strategy – how can a manager capture ideas and information from the diversity in the workplace: a. To gain a competitive edge? b. Attract specific demographic(s). c. How can this be promoted to enhance business image and reputation?

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