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Managing Client/Server Environments

Managing Client/Server Environments
Project description
Additional Details
Health Care HQ has a client server network architecture. The chief information officer (CIO) wants to understand the difference between a client server and a peer-to-peer network. She also wants to know why she should choose one over the other. You have been asked to provide a document that discusses the networks at Health Care HQ.

Comprehensive Analysis and Review
In a document of 23 pages, you will provide the following:
Explain a peer-to-peer network verses a client server network. Because your system is strictly Windows, your document should concentrate on the networking features of Windows Server (e.g., file sharing, print sharing, user administration, application server, Dynamic host configuration protocol DHCP, domain name system DNS, and backing up data).
Include a recommendation about which Microsoft server Health Care HQ should use (i.e., Windows 2008 or Windows 2012), and explain your choice.

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