Managing 21st Century Political Risk

Refer to the article in Topic 2 / Supplemental Articles, ‘Managing 21st Century Political Risk’.

You should make sure that you view the pre-recorded lecture concerning ‘Methods of Exposure Identification’ posted on Canvas/Home/Class Capture – Fall 2018 AND read the discussion in Chapter 2 of your text concerning ‘Methods of Exposure Identification’. Based on the description of political risk in this article, identify and briefly discuss two
loss exposure identification methods for political risk. Make sure you state specifically what type of loss each method is seeking to identify. You may use different firms to explain. (6 points)
2. Refer to the article in Topic 2 / Core Articles, ‘How Risk is Driving Today’s Boardroom Decisions’.
Consider the discussion of Risk Management Program Goals in Chapter 2 of your text. Company A and B have different risk appetites for the security risk of Cloud Computing in this article. As a result, they may choose different risk management program goals.
Identify and briefly discuss one pre-loss goal and one post-loss goal that Company A and B may choose to implement based on their risk appetites.

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