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Malnutrition under 5year of age in india

• Develop = evident that you used a structured review process to your literature search, reading thinking and
• Substantial = evident that you have thought about the literature and understood the issues involved and how
they relate to practice.
• Identify the focus and aim(s) of your review
• Demonstrate how you carried out a substantial literature search – using a series of databases, terms, boundaries
and what you found that was relevant
• Critique and consider the literature identified in terms of its relevance, validity, significance, legitimacy.
• Show you question what was read, reviewing research methods, the basis of explanations and opinions, and all
aspects of the evidence that the review is based on.
• Draw comparisons that link theory to practice, identifying gaps, considering the relevance of evidence, the
value of research designs, how the evidence relates to audit results, policies, guidelines etc