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Major Staffing Paper

Major Staffing Paper

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Major Staffing Paper

Due: Wednesday, December 11, 2015

Assignment: Design an end-to-end employment structure for the fictitious company, Service Enterprises, Inc. (SEI). The paper needs to be less than 10 pages, typed, double-spaced, with reasonable margins. The report must include the following sections:
Executive Summary
Section I – Recruiting
Section II – Selection
Section III – On-boarding
Appendix and exhibits

Service Enterprises, Inc. is professional services provider. The privately held company earns $200 million annually. They currently have 5,000 employees in 12 western states. They have offices in 20 cities, averaging 250 employees per center. A typical location has 25 managers and supervisors, 75 specialists, and 150 support staff.

In 2014, SEI wants to expand to 3 east coast cities: Atlanta, Boston, and Chicago. The plan is model these new centers after the existing sites. Because of limited resources, SEI decided to open a new location each quarter (Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2014) instead of all three at the same time.

The HR department has 35 people. Eight of these are in Staffing: 1 director of staffing, 4 field recruiters (geographically dispersed), 1 staffing specialists (writes interview questions, tracks statistics, etc.), 1 corporate recruiter, and 1 administrative assistant.

This team’s normal responsibility is to fill open positions created by turnover. SEI’s turnover is currently: 20% for staff positions, 15% for specialists, and 10% for field managers. The corporate offices have 100 employees and the average turnover is 15%.

As VP of HR, prepare your plan and submit it to your CEO.

Use the sample budget from Chapter 5 (5.2, page 211) [attached], if needed as a prototype. This represents 1.11% of revenue and $1,586.29 per hire. You can assume extra expenses during this expansion.

Focus primarily on the selection of applicants. This section will represent up to half of the paper’s value, including exhibits. Recruiting will be about 25-30% and onboarding will be about 10%. The remaining portion is the budget, citing sources, grammar, spelling, etc.

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