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Macro Environmental Force

Organizations and firms have different factors which are challenging to control and may influence the growth, development and decision making processes within them, and normally experienced from an external view, such factors include the regional demographic analysis, natural elements, political and social areas among others. Such factors are referred to as the macro environmental forces. It is normal for any organization to experience this milestone for a stronger management and excellent performance. This paper will cover at least one macro environmental force that will influence the global market in the higher education sector and the potential impact it will have on the market.

            Baumann (2011) found out that globalization offers higher opportunities for learning which impacts the education sector. In the 21st Century, parents have often settled for oversees education due to the excellent performance and quality impacts it has the students and society. There are higher chances of qualifying for better job opportunities when studying abroad and the current technological trend requires qualified brains to be hired by different firms. While studying abroad, students interact with other people from different cultural backgrounds and exchange ideas purposed for improving the economic status in the specific countries they originate from. Students have different spoken languages and they learn from each other in the process. The population growth when studying abroad increases and the economic stability of the respective countries may depend on the level of employment opportunities for the students who settle for part time jobs.


            Global market experiences current trends that affect the population growth especially for students and it is vital to have strategies that will develop the economic status in the respective countries.

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