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M1 Discussion 3: Community Presentation

In this activity, you will locate information specific to the community you identified in the Icebreaker assignment. You may present your findings in a Word document, PDF file or PowerPoint and upload the file to this forum with a brief summary about the location you researched.

You will investigate demographic and economic information for your geographic location.  If you live outside of the United States, please use equivalent resources to those listed below as provided by your government agencies (city, state, provincial or national data as available to you).

Create a presentation to share that is visual (graphics, charts, SmartArt, bullet points, etc.) and provides an informative overview of your community. The last page/section/slide should include a complete bibliography for all sources utilized, including graphics that you did not create yourself.

Main Post

Visit the U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts website and select data for the county in which your community is located. Data tables are available as Excel file downloads, or you can copy and paste the web view table. Consider the following:

  • How has the population changed in number and race/ethnicity since 2010?
  • How does the total foreign born population for your county compare to national U.S. statistics?
  • What are the numbers of women and minority owned businesses?
  • What percentage of the population lives in poverty?
  • Visit the Exports, Jobs and Foreign Investment site of the International Trade Administration to explore available data for your state.
  • Utilize the Bureau of Economic Analysis site(Department of Commerce) to explore available data for your city, state and/or region.
  • Locate other socioeconomic, demographic and cultural data that provides insight about globalization’s impact on your community.

Additional Response

  • Review the presentation of a classmate and provide feedback such as:
    • What did you find most surprising or interesting in the data?
    • Did you learn something new about an area you know well?
    • Did you find a direct comparison between the two communities?


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