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Luke Cage – Review

Luke Cage television series follows the encounters of the eponymous protagonist using superhuman strength in his fight against crime in Harlem, New York. The character acquired his extraordinary powers while in a prison after his exposure to a sabotaged experiment that offered him more benefits than harm. Season after season, Luke Cage is portrayed as a superhero that tries to battle for the restoration of the borough of Harlem.

The encounters portrayed in the series correlate with the accounts discussed and documented by Baldwin in the short story titled “Sonny’sBlues. Cases of unfair treatment of African Americans, unjust arrests and convictions, as well as increasing death cases are discussed in the book and can be visualized in the series. The unfair imprisonment of Luke Cage is somewhat reminiscent of the destiny of the narrator’s brother in Baldwin’s story. Despite the difficulties, both characters find the passion and inner strength to persevere. Social and economic inequality are the topics both works discuss extensively.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Despite having a good message of heroism and dedication, the series is not without certain challenges. Critics have pointed out that the narrative sag of the TV show makes it impossible for people to watch the unfolding events to completion. However, despite this drawback of Luke Cage, the superhero narrative in the series informs the viewer on what is required to be a hero (Miller). The bold actions taken by Luke Cage on the issue of racial discrimination further illustrate that heroism goes beyond supernatural powers.

Luke Cage has succeeded in presenting a new perspective on the character and actions of a superhero. The inspiration for the series can be traced back to such classic works of African American literature as “Sonny’s Blues.” While not without its faults, the TV show is honest in tis portrayals of racial and economic inequality in American.

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