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Looking At American Immigration from the Perspective of an International Student

I tend to agree with you that America provides a better learning opportunity for international students. Besides the highly qualified lecturers who offer quality education and a better learning experience to the students, the institutions are equipped with the necessary teaching materials and equipment needed in any course. As such, you are likely to get maximum knowledge and experience when learning in an American University. I am glad that you managed to have a better learning experience in the USA than in China.

The learning experience you obtain from the various art universities in the USA is near similar what I have encountered in my learning journey. I do not regret the many opportunities present in the country, most of which we cannot get from our countries of origin. Apart from a good learning experience, the United States also offers better job opportunities. My uncle managed to get a stable job in Seattle and has since grown to exploit better opportunities in the region. Majority of USA immigrants move to the country with the goal of getting better jobs and improving their lives. The results have always been positive with most of them reporting a better life and enhanced standards of living, that what they experienced in their home countries. It is with no doubt that the USA provides better learning and job opportunities to the immigrants.

Even though you acknowledged having a better learning experience in the USA, I would have wanted to hear more about the kind of reception you got. Cases of racism and discrimination are reported amongst many immigrants entering the USA for the first time. While there are many opportunities and a good education system, most people have either been bullied or discriminated in their attempt to stabilize and adapt to the new environment. I would have loved to hear your story and experience on reception and the struggles if any, to fully adapt to the new environment and culture.

A land Build on Immigrants

Your account on your family experience is detailed and gives a vivid description of the events leading to immigration. While many people who are illegally in the USA are normally victimized, I have come to realize that some are illegally in the country but not by choice.  Different circumstances can force people to move from their home country to America. In my view, the USA government should devise means of offering better treatment to these persons who are forced to leave their country and seek refuge in other nations, including America.

The experience of your grandfather is near similar to the encounters of my Uncle when he decided to move to the USA. All of them did not plan to go to the USA. However, contrary to your grandfather that was forced to move due to war, my uncle got an invitation to pursue further education in Maths. His encounters in the process of trying to be familiar with the environment and embrace the culture were difficult as what your grandfather witnessed. Cases of discrimination in terms of job opportunities and acceptance into the community were observed. Also, he witnessed hostility from his colleagues who believed that he was less experienced, due to his race. However, his resilience, just as your grandfather enabled him to get better opportunities and register a higher performance in an institution that he was once rejected and discerned.

As much as the experience of your grandfather portrays your family experience, I would have wanted to know your encounters for the time you have stayed in America. I would have wanted to know how you manage to settle in the region, and the treatment you received from other people of your age group. I would have been glad to hear your experience as a student and the differences between learning experience in the USA and in Polish lands.

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