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“Long-term perspectives on ecology and life history in the Amboseli baboons”

Write a 3 pages report based on the video included at the bottom. Reports must include but not limited too:
(i) A synopsis of the project, which should include a brief, one- or two-sentence description of
the project and the system being studied. If appropriate, this may be an elaboration of the title
of the seminar.
(ii) Explanation of the goal of the study—what is the speaker trying to find out or accomplish?
(iii) The rationale behind the study—why is it important?
(iv) An outline of the methods used—how was the work performed?
(v) Description of the results. This should be the most important part of the report. The quality
and accuracy of this description is a measure of how well you understand the seminar.
(vi) A discussion of the significance of the results, which should include some conclusions.
(vii) It would be useful if you could also provide a few comments on what you think should be
the next steps in the study.
(viii) Include references if you utilize published information