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Literary Play

Literary Play

Choose to write on a literary play and write a 750- to 1000-word review, combining the elements of summary, analysis, and response/evaluation. You can blend these elements in numerous ways. When writing a response, you relate your thoughts, feelings, opinions, interpretations, and associations to a particular piece of writing. When writing a summary, you retell the story, but when writing a review, you want to condense this summary to a paragraph or two; otherwise, you are writing a book report.

When writing a play review, you evaluate the play based on certain criteria, and in this case on the following criteria (provide THREE DIFFERENT analytical reasons): plot and conflict, characterization and motivation, theme, symbol, gestures, setting, language (tone and irony). Evaluate the play in terms of how it stacks up. Is the plot believable? Why or why not? Are the characters likeable? Why or why not? Overall, how would you rate this play and why? Consider the audience, purpose, and occasion, and whether you are recommending or not recommending this play to others.
Use the MLA format.

Recommended structure:
I. Introduce the play/movie and give some background about it.
II. Brief summary
III. Do you recommend it? Response.
IV. Why or why not? Analysis (because of character, theme, symbol, etc)
V. Conclusion

**Please follow the above recommended structure and answer the questions. I hope you focus on the title (not just a title of the literary play), grammar as well. In addition, every single paragraph should be AT LEAST 5-7 sentences.

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