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Literary Analysis poems

The reader’s interpretation is an important part of many short stories. Many authors do not state their
themes directly. Rather, readers must identify the statements that the authors make about life. In
such instances, readers’ interpretations will vary. Expressing one’s views on a work of literature is
often helpful in developing a personal philosophy.
Organize and write a 600 word (two-page) essay in which you analyze the theme for one of the
following stories:
a. Flannery O’Connor’s “The Life You Save May Be Your Own”
b. Bernard Malamud’s “The First Seven Years”
? What statement does the story make about life? As you prepare your essay, think about the
actions of each character in the story. What does each character symbolize? How does each
character contribute to an overall idea? What statements does the story make about life or
society? How do people interact and what is expected of them?

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