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Library Assignment instructions (week

Library Assignment instructions (week 5):/
In the Park online library, find an article from a peer reviewed journal that deals with an issue of interest to you during adolescence. Cite your article in APA format, then submit at least a one page, typed and double spaced summary of the article you have found. Why was this article of interest to you? Do you feel it would be beneficial to others? If so, why?
Park Online Library Information
The Park online library provides quick, easy and accurate information from multitudes of sources. Searching the library for specific information you are seeking is an easy process, but takes some practice. Go to the Park library and click on the link “Research Guides and Tutorials”. Under the “Tutorials” tab, watch the first two videos: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
The other tutorial videos are also helpful to hone your skills as a researcher. You will need to utilize the library for your core assessment report during week five, so beginning to familiarize yourself with the library and how to access information is beneficial at this point.

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