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Levels Of Understanding Of Diverse Cultures

Write a two pages essay (MLA format) and answer the following questions. You can interview a person from a different culture in order to have a deeper understanding of a particular culture. You can insert pictures and audio files.

1. Imagine needing to learn about a culture in another country because you will be traveling there for an extended period. What aspects of the culture do you believe would be important to know about in order to have a significant experience in that culture.

2. Now imagine that you will be attending a school in the country that you will be visiting. What would you like the teachers to know about you and your culture so that you have every opportunity to learn deeply?

3. Now imagine visiting a school in your state with which you are unfamiliar. What would you like to know about the cultures of the students in that school so you could get a deep understanding of the teaching and learning processes in that school?

4. Now describe a plan for what should be included in an effective teacher preparation program that supports you and others in learning deeply about culture and its impact on teaching and learning.

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