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legal aspects of health admin

legal aspects of health admin
Health-Care Law, Risk Management, and Liability

Part I: Healthcare Law

1. Identify and discuss (in about 100 words) one rule, law, or policy that you believe might improve healthcare more than any other.

Part II: Risk Management and Liability
1. Discuss (in about 150 words) a risk management effort that you know about from your work.
2. If you do not know of such a program discuss how you might go about establishing such a program in your organization.

Legal Incident Reporting Requirements

1. Explain (in about 200 words) how root cause analysis is related to sentinel events.
2. Provide an example.

Managed Care

1. Given the ethical issues around managed care, discuss (in about 100 words) whether MCOs are good arrangements for patients?
2. Provide a concrete example (in about 100 words) for either pro arrangement or against arrangement.
Medical Records, Patient Consent, and Information

Research the “The Tuskegee syphilis experiment.”
1. What have we learnt from this case? (in about 100 words)
2. How does the “Helsinki Convention” safeguard us from a repetition of the Tuskegee experiment? (in about 100 words)

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