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Learning Goal Orientation (LGO)

What is “Learning Goal Orientation (LGO)”? In your own words, how would you describe someone with a high LGO?
How is “Work engagement” defined? Why would LGO be related to an individual’s level of work engagement?
How is “Reflection” conceptualized in the study? How did the researchers measure this? What is its role in the conceptual model?
What is “Job Crafting,” and what element of job crafting did the researcher focus on? What is its role in the conceptual model? Furthermore, why do they think that the relationship between LGO and job crafting is contingent on reflection?
Why do the researchers think that Job crafting is associated with Work Engagement?
Does Job Crafting explain the relationship between LGO and Work Engagement? Was this indirect effect different for people with low versus high levels of reflection? How so?
Based on your interpretation of the study findings, offer at least one recommendation you would propose to organizational leaders or Human Resource managers.