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Leading Innovation and Change Through Whole Person Leadership

Write a 3-6 page business report that describes a needed change or innovation, explains the value of the change or innovation for the organization, proposes methods for leading and managing the innovation and change process, and proposes strategies for engaging employees in the innovation and change process. Explain how the concept of whole person leadership and personal leadership strengths can help with this effort.


This portfolio work project will help you integrate the concept of whole person leadership into the innovation and change process.


The organization you work for has enjoyed success with a product or service, but customer expectations are changing, and leadership knows that they must rethink how customer expectations are met. 

Your Role

You are a member of a committee tasked with looking at possible innovations for the organization and for determining how to communicate and manage the changes necessary within the company.


For this assessment, you will need to base your work on an organization you worked for in the past, the one you work for now, or one you aspire to work for in the future. The organization you choose should be one where you know that a change is necessary and imminent. For example, you might choose a cable company and know that the spread of Internet television is forcing them to rethink how they serve their customers. Find an industry and topic that are both pertinent for you and can be readily researched online and in the Capella library.

In addition, use the following resource as you complete your assessment:

Write a business report based on the organization and change (or innovation) you have selected. Within the business report, include the following:

  • Briefly describe the innovation or change that is on the horizon.
  • Explain the value of the innovation or change in terms of: 
    • Why the innovation or change is necessary.
    • The benefits for the future of the organization.
  • Propose methods for leading and managing the innovation and change process. 
    • What steps will be needed to prepare for and implement the change?
    • Does the organization follow Kotter’s 8-step process? If not, how can you convince leadership of the benefits of using the process?
    • What steps can be taken to mitigate possible issues in the innovation and change process?
  • Propose strategies for engaging employees in the innovation and change process. 
    • How should the innovation and change be communicated to the organization?
    • How will you handle resistance and opposition to the innovation and change?
  • How will the concepts of whole person leadership, as well as what you learned about your strengths through the BetterUp self-assessment and coaching session, help you succeed in this effort?


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