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Leadership Assessment

Consider your workplace or some other area in which you are part of a group in some form or another . Is there a mode of interaction within that group that is hindering your ability to perform well? Think about the challenges that this posses for you, for the group and for your profession and the ways in which they are affecting your ability to get a project completed or simply to get your job done. If you are a group leader, is the group dynamic making it difficult for you to lead well? If you choose the leadership option, examine how it is that poor leadership within your organization or the group is affecting your ability to perform

Please provide information on all of the points below for the paper you are choosing to do, taking all relevant questions into account

For the paper on leadership

What is your role under the leader?

Are there advantages and/or disadvantages to this person as a leader? What are they?

What behavior manifested by this leader is interfering with your ability to perform well? With this in mind, what are the factors that hinder your performance and therefore might lead to greater challenges for you? are there barriers to your communication

Is there a cultural component to your relationship with this leader(ethnic, gender-oriented or other) that is affecting you in some way? If so, there may be cultural patterns that are characteristic of your relationship with the leader that could be affecting you. Please explain

Can this be resolved and how?