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Leadership and Management: The effectiveness of servant leadership

Leadership and Management: The effectiveness of servant leadership


The assignment for Leadership and Management is an individual written report outlining the key ideas that should be considered in understanding Servant Leadership. This includes explaining what is involved in being an effective servant leader, and some researching on the effectiveness of servant leadership and how servant leadership varies across different cultures.


As a way to help you structure this, these are the three main specific questions for you to answer:


  • What is Servant Leadership and what makes a servant leader?
  • Is Servant Leadership truly an effective leadership style/theory and what are the flaws of this leadership style?
  • How does Servant Leadership vary across different cultures?

You must provide answers to all of the questions and must fit within the word count. You must clearly inform the reader about critical considerations in developing and practicing good servant leadership.

The written report significantly focuses on the idea of servant leadership. You need to present your answers and arguments of the questions to be fully supported by evidence from appropriate leadership academic references (leadership journal articles, leadership studies, real-life servant leadership examples) that have come from a reliable and trustworthy source.


Charts, diagrams and figures may all be used wherever appropriate to the points being made. You are not required to use them, but if you do then you are expected to reference them correctly.


Word Count:

2000 words (not including title page, contents page and reference list)

You must provide examples of Servant Leadership models and examples of real-life servant leaders and incorporate these examples into the written report.


*Within the other file attached, I have included the topic/aspect of Servant Leadership that has been covered. It is CRUCIAL for you to read this topic as well as carry out research in answering the questions and writing the written report. The other file attached will give you an insight of understanding Servant Leadership and will help you with this written report.


*It is important to not only use but further develop the information in the other file in relevance to the questions with research.


It is highly important to start the written report EARLY, in order to avoid doing the written report assignment in last minute and gives more time for editing and proofreading.