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Laws v London Chronicle [1959] 1 WLR 698 (CA), 700 Lord Evershed MR:

Laws v London Chronicle [1959] 1 WLR 698 (CA), 700 Lord Evershed MR:
‘…since a contract of service is but an example of contracts in general, so that the general law of contract will be applicable, it follows that the question must be — if summary dismissal is claimed to be justifiable — whether the conduct complained of is such as to show the servant to have disregarded the essential conditions of the contract of service. It is, no doubt, therefore, generally true that wilful disobedience of an order will justify summary dismissal, since wilful disobedience of a lawful and reasonable order shows a disregard — a complete disregard — of a condition essential to the contract of service, namely, the condition that the servant must obey the proper orders of the master, and that unless he does so the relationship is, so to speak, struck at fundamentally.’

Neary v Dean of Westminster [1999] IRLR 288 (Visitor, Westminster Abbey), Lord Jauncey ([22]) defined gross misconduct as conduct undermining ‘the trust and confidence’ inherent in the particular contract of employment.
(i) Series of minor breaches
Pepper v Webb [1969] 2 All ER 216 (CA); Wilson v Racher [1974] ICR 428 (CA)

(ii) Secret profit:
Boston Deep Sea Fishing v Ansell (1888) 39 CHD 339 (CA)

(iii) Dishonesty:
Sinclair v Neighbour [1967] 2 QB 279 (CA)

(iv) Abusive behaviour
In McCormack v Hamilton Academical FC [2011] CSIH 68

Pitt (9th edn) Ch 8-008.

(a) Damages

(i) Humiliation, loss of reputation, distress

Addis v Gramophone Co [1909] AC 488 (HL); Malik & Mahmud v BCCI [1988] AC 20 (HL); Johnson v Unisys Ltd [2001] UKHL 13, [2003] 1 AC 518; Eastwood v Magnox Electric, MaCabe v Cornwall CC [2005] 1 AC 503 (HL); Edwards v Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Botham v Ministry of Defence [2012] 2 AC 22 (SC)

Lady Hale(dissenting):

‘[110] But I should perhaps declare an interest, as the only member of this court to

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