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Laboratory Practical

Laboratory Aim

Describe the aim of the current laboratory practical. You can paraphrase the lab sheet here to some degree but be concise. Do not simply cut and paste the material directly from the lab sheet
Exercise 1 – Title goes here


Describe the tasks undertaken in enough detail that they can be replicated by a knowledgeable engineer.
Evidence the completion of the work carried out by:
Answering all questions posed in the lab sheet
Providing full code listings to show your solution each coding exercise. Simply copy and paste the relevant code listing straight from MPLAB X. Use the Code style provided in this template so the code is rendered in a fixed width font.
Describing your approach to the code design.
Include a detailed breakdown of any calculations
Note: You must show evidence that you have completed the set tasks in order to gain credit.>
Remember: Context is the key here. It should be possible for a reader to understand from your logbook, without reference to the lab sheets:
What you did.
Why you did it.
How you did it.

Enter code listings using a fixed width font. Here I have used the Code style built into this template which uses the Consolas font as well as a compact line spacing to make code listings compact and easy to read (see below).

void main (void)
// Code goes here

Insert evidence of calculations using the built-in Word equation editor or a Word plug-in like Mathtype.
x=y/x + c become s x=y/x + c
Describe the outcomes resulting from each exercise:
What did you observe? Was it successful? How did you test it worked?
Were there any unusual results that need consideration?
Note problems arising e.g. wrong approach(es) taken, debugging, errors in configuration etc.

Exercise 2 – Title goes here
Exercise 3 – Title goes here

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