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Labor and Employment

Should employers be allowed to fire employees Who violate the rules and discuss their salaries/wages?
What prompted you to select this topic? At a time Where personal information is more publicly available than ever, it is surprising that something assumingly harmless as discussing salary information With colleagues can be a fireable offense in some places of employment-
How does it impact the business law environment? The topic at hand provides a framework for employers to operate Within- The more the laws and policies that address this issue assess the lines between ethics and discrimination, the more solidified the legal environment Will be Where this issue is concerned-
Do you have a position on this issue? Yes- We believe that if an organization provides clear guidelines in regards to employees speaking about their compensation, then it is just and fair for these guidelines to be followed- Employees should be made aware that a consequence of talking about their salary is termination at the time of hiring; if they violate this rule they should receive the outlined punishment, as is typical of any employee violating the terms of an existing contract to which he or she previously agreed to follow.
What is your biggest challenge When conducting research? This legal issue involves NLRB, common law and statutory law, so our firm’s biggest challenge Will be finding consistency in the application of the law-
Identify three specific research-related questions you would like to ask:
1- Under what conditions can a company legally terminate an employee for discussing salary with a colleague?
2- What type of legal remedies are available to employees terminated for violating the rule against discussing salary, if any?
3- Are unionized employees subject to the same restrictions as non-union employees?

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