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Knowledge Mgt DiscussionNo more than 1 page total, average 1/2 page per learning activity, all sources are attached.

All responses are to be substantive, showing critical thinking. They must also be free from grammatical and spelling error. Here are the guidelines:

– Responses must be in paragraph format, labeled and be interactive to promote further discussion unless the activity requires otherwise;

– Responses must demonstrate critical thinking and be fully justified;

– Use resources from any assigned course material;

– Use APA formatting for any in-text citations and references

Learning Activity #1
1. What are the major characteristics of a CoP?
2. Compare and contrast different types of CoPs? Provide examples
3. Name a few key deterrents to knowledge sharing and flow within an organization. How could you help overcome them?
4. Teams and CoPs – How are they different? Please provide some examples.
Do respond to at least any one of the above questions.
Learning Activity #2
1. What are the popular technologies used to develop corporate yellow pages? How do they compare?
2. What are the steps you would need to conduct a social network analysis of an organization?
3. What lessons can be learned from the tragedy of the commons? Provide some examples.
4. Describe the key differences between the functionalist and the social constructivist perspectives of knowledge.
Do respond to at least any one of the above questions.

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