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Key trends that will be affecting the post-COVID global economy.

View the video (Link)in which they mention five key trends that will be affecting the post-COVID global economy.
Building on those five key trends and using your choice of company from Discussion 6.2, assess how well your company of choice is positioned to succeed (or fail!) given the context of these trends. You will complete a five-page paper expanding on the points you made in Discussion 6/2. Again, make sure you address the full range of economic issues, including scarcity, markets/competition, pricing power (price elasticity), costs, market structure, macroeconomic climate, and global market positioning, this time with an expanded view. You can achieve this by asking the questions, “Where are they in terms of scarcity, markets/competition, pricing power, costs, market structure, and the U.S. and global economies?” You should use at least three recent sources from OCLS or other recent, credible information. Make sure it is consistent with APA standards.
A minimum of five sources is required, at least three of which are scholarly.
Use proper spelling, grammar, and APA formatting for your analysis paper.