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Kaupapa Kōrero‐ Essay

Task: Ngā Tuhi: Essay ‐This essay is in TWO (2) parts.

Part 1

Choose ONE of the given scenarios and using current research literature to support your discussion, write an essay on
‘rehabilitation’ including discussion on aims of rehabilitation, five principles of rehabilitation (any FIVE) in relation to the chosen scenario and then analyse how the components of International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) model relate to the person in the given scenario.

Scenario 1:

Jack is a 29 year old former footballer. He recently accepted an offer to work as a football coach. However his life changed drastically when he was kicked in the head during a national football championship match and was admitted to hospital with a bilateral frontal subdural haematoma. The accident affected his ability to speak and altered his facial image. Jack was socially active before but now he has limited social interactions. He has deficit language abilities and he avoids conversations due to embarrassment. He lost strength in both his arms and has difficulty performing self‐care. He suffers from depression and low self‐esteem. He is a single parent of a two year old daughter.

Scenario 2:

Anahera is a 55 year old Maori woman who lives with her husband and 5 children. She worked part time as an administrative officer and has a pet dog named Gennie. She had had a stroke while working in her garden which left her with mild aphasia and dysphagia. She has difficulty in mobility and uses a wheelchair sometimes. She is hypertensive and is a chronic smoker. She experiences loss of awareness, exhaustion and insomnia. Her sister Ngaire cooks food for everyone as Anahera forgets things easily and once she forgot to switch off the stove. She finds it hard to concentrate and likes to spend most of the time alone.

Part 2

For the second part of the essay, analyse the rationale of using a team approach for the person in the chosen scenario and discuss the possible benefits of the identified multidisciplinary team members to the person in your chosen scenario.

Use current research literature to support your discussion.

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