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What are the arguments for each of the selection methods you discussed? Do you think that judges should be elected or appointed? Explain your reasoning. How informed do you think the public is about judicial elections and judicial candidates? If you were voting for a judge, would you research the candidates and their qualifications or would you vote based on party affiliation?
According to “Who Governs Texas’ Cities?” in Chapter 10, which city council best reflects the racial/ethnic composition of its population? Explain how you came to this conclusion. Which city council diverges the most from its city’s population? Explain how you came to this conclusion. Do you think it is important that city councils reflect the racial/ethnic composition of their communities? Why or why not? Describe an issue a city might face where the racial/ethnic composition of the city council might matter in resolving that issue.
Do you think that sales taxes are a fair way for the state to generate revenue? Why or why not?