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Journalism boxing story

This paper requires you to write about boxing and what it takes to take part in this form of gym

Sports market is continuously growing due to expansion of markets and popularity of sportswear and related products as mainstream fashion. According to the World Trademark Review, sports sector is the second fastest growing industry in the world due to the prolific growth in sales that the industry has enjoyed in the recent years (Buttler, 2017). This growth presents a vast opportunity for different sports brand operating in the global arena. It is anticipated that any business enterprise venturing in the sector will achieve high profits if the opportunities presented are effectively exploited.

Registering a reduction in profits at a time when the industry is experiencing tremendous growth is uncalled for. Other players in the sector, specifically the Swansea market, have reported a steady increase in their profitability during the time when Sports Direct made losses. For instance, JD sports one of the major competitors of Sports Direct in the market has continually reported increased profitability in the recent past (Moore, 2016). Based on the events ensuing in the market, it can be argued that the declining profits reported by Sport Direct are not attributed to the market factors (Decker, Haltiwanger, Jarmin & Miranda, 2016). This presents the need for the proposed project that will focus on identifying the actual reasons for significant decline in profits as reported by the organization. As Alexandrova, Kuzmanova & Atanassov (2017) states the implementation of a well-targeted project can foster an organizational change to improve the performance of the organization. The proposed project will thus be important in assisting Sports Direct address its profitability challenges.