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Journal Entry

Journal Entry (1 page)
April 23: Religion and Reform, II

AYR, chap. 10, “Religion and Reform Reader” (click through to five Primary Sources)

Northup, Twelve Years a Slave, chaps. 12–18

Religion and Reform Reader

Book: The American Yawp

For each journal entry, write a thoughtful, substantive reflection on an assigned reading marked with an asterisk (either a Primary Source or Secondary Source, but NOT on the Northup books, Constitution, or Bill of Rights). The journal entry must engage one or more of these readings assigned for that day, and NOT merely summarize. Students must argue with the texts, evaluate them, draw parallels with other texts, or engage them in some other interesting way.

Students may or may not wish to consider any of the following questions when writing their informal journal entries. These questions are intended as guidelines: you can use them as starting points for your responses, or articulate questions of your own:

· For secondary sources: what big idea is the author trying to get across? Does it confirm or challenge my impressions from other course readings? What questions the reading raise for you? Did you find an author’s argument convincing, and if so, why? If not, why not? How has the reading affected your thinking?

· For primary sources: what kind of document is this? Who is the author, and what was the author’s purpose or motivation in preparing this document? Who is the intended audience, and how would the audience have received the message? What strategies does he or she use to accomplish this purpose? What are the author’s values or assumptions or perspective? Does the document support or refute the arguments we’ve seen in secondary sources? What information is revealed by the document that isn’t necessarily part of the author’s intention? How would a historian use this document, and what kinds of arguments would they be able to make, using this document?

Ocean Studies Essay
All government agencies, such as the EPA, NOAA, NASA, and been influenced by the
current climate in Washington D.C. Although the political machine in Washington totes our
constitutional rights they are denying freedom of speech for government scientists. Scientific
research on the oceans and especially climate change is facing censorship. On April 22nd
Earthday, There will be a march for science.
React to this statement. Do you agree or disagree? back up your reaction with at least two
Make sure you reference your work in either APA or MLA format.

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